Unfortunately, this interesting story is coming to an end. In the previous post we already disscussed the first loophole-free Bell experiment, but if this experiment was conclusive the story is closed. Why are we still discussing it?
It happens sometimes […]

In previous posts, we have reviewed the different loopholes of Bell experiments. To make a long story short, entanglement experiments are based on measuring some magnitudes in two quantum systems, calculating a value based on the outcomes of these measurements, […]

In previous posts, we have discussed the two main loopholes of Bell experiments, the locality loophole, and the detection loophole. Both were closed a long time ago, but only recently they were closed in the same experiment. Let us summarize […]

Let‘s continue with the story of the development of the loophole-free Bell experiment. As we discussed in the first post, it is possible to prove that the universe is either non-real, meaning that the outcomes of some experiments […]

In our previous post, we have discussed the importance of a loophole-free entanglement experiment. Now, we are going to discuss one of the most important loopholes for this kind of experiments, the locality (or communication) loophole.
To understand the […]

Recently, a new experiment has attracted a lot of attention. It was published in Nature and entitled as “Loophole-free Bell inequality violation using electron spins separated by 1.3 kilometres” . Many scientific and non-scientific media took account of the […]