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Author: Marina Manganaro / The MAGIC Telescopes
The view of the horizon has always been of great inspiration for humans: that line, separating our Earth from the sky, appears so real. Looking at the Sea and its intersection with the […]

Some weeks ago I came across a little poem via Twitter (ah, the modern world!). It was authored by Wendell Berry, an american writer and farmer very involved in ecologic farming activism. Let’s meet the poem:
To go in the […]

Javier Peralta (Algeciras, Spain, 1979) holds a Degree in both Astrophysics and Applied Physics (Universidad de La Laguna, 2003), and a PhD in Physics (Universidad del País Vasco, 2009). He is specialized in the atmospheric dynamics of slowly […]

The Rosetta mission from the European Space Agency is arguably one of the most successful highlights of 2014. Even though the Philae lander did not have the placid flight we all would like it to have, the team managed […]

How far are the stars we see every night? This was possibly one of the first questions early astronomers asked themselves and it is still among the most fundamental problems for present day astrophysics. In some sense, astronomers do […]