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Estibaliz Urarte obtained her PhD on Plant Physiology from the Public University of Navarre. Since 2014 she operates a science divulgation platform, “El Jardín de Mendel”. Currently, she is in charge of the Science section in a local cultural magazine and continues performing tasks related to the dissemination of science.

Carotenoids, I see your true colours

Carotenoids, I see your true colours

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By Estíbaliz Urarte

When autumn arrives to temperate climate forests, deciduous trees lose their characteristic green tonalities and start showing a wide spectrum of new colours: yellow, brown, orange, red… Chlorophyll reabsorption takes place in the leaves and carotenoids, present in a lower concentration, are exposed. These pigments are produced in all photosynthetic organisms, fungi and non-photosynthetic bacteria […]