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Image of Miguel Vizoso

Miguel Vizoso is a Ph.D. student at the Cancer Epigenetics and Molecular Biology Program (PEBC), IDIBELL, Barcelona, Spain.

Image of Manuel Tardáguila

Manuel Tardáguila studied Biochemistry in the Autonomous University of Madrid and took a PhD in Molecular Biology afterwards. His main research interests are tumor immunology, breast cancer stem cells and epigenetics. His scientific heroes are the “Fantastic Threesome”: Francis Crick, Sidney Brenner and Barbara McClintock. Be careful! He has been seen in the 2013 Famelab monologue contest and he may appear in your city as part of the group of scientist-stand-up-comedians The Big Van Theory!

Image of Eduardo Oliver

Eduardo Oliver graduated in Pharmacy and got a PhD in Pharmacology at the University of Valencia. Currently he is a research associate at the Centre for Pharmacology and Therapeutics of Imperial College London (UK). His major interest is to better understand cardiovascular diseases and the use of genetics for finding new therapeutic targets.

Image of Laura Casares

Laura is a physicist with a International PhD in Biomedicine from the University of Barcelona. She is currently working at the Institute for Bioengineering of Catalonia (IBEC, Barcelona) combining research with Science Communication and Outreach. She has participated in several scientific fairs and outreach activities and she is now studying for a Master's in Science Communication at UPF.