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Aroa Pache holds an International PhD by the University of the Basque Country (June, 2014). Her PhD research project, part of it done at the University of Melbourne (Australia), was related to the synthesis, chemical characterization and structural studies of new hybrid systems based on Keggin type polyoxometalates (POM) and copper complexes with N,O- chelating ligands. She would like to expand her professional horizons by seeking new challenges and objectives.

Polyoxometalates, the other discovery by D’Elhuyar brothers

Polyoxometalates, the other discovery by D’Elhuyar brothers


By Aroa Pache

Not many people know that polyoxometalates (POMs) discovery dates back to 1783 and that they were the D´Elhuyar brothers ( Juan José D´Elhuyar (Logroño, 1754 ) and Fausto D´Elhuyar (Logroño, 1755) who discovered a yellow spicy/bitter tasting salt from the reaction of ammonium molybdate with phosphoric acid which is now known as ammonium 12-phosphomolybdate, (NH […]