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Daniel Fernández completed his Ph.D. at the University of Barcelona. He has been a postdoc fellow at the Center for Theoretical Physics in Crete and at the Max Planck Institut for Physics in Munich. Currently, he is a research specialist at the University of Iceland. His research focuses on the gauge/string theory correspondence and its applications to high energy physics and condensed matter physics.

In the previous chapter of this series, we went over the subjective, relative separation of the network of events known as Spacetime into space and time. The speed of light played a major role in the discussion.
In particular, we […]

The division of past and future
In Part 1 of this series, we presented the empirical fact that under extreme circumstances, a certain observer’s past can be in another observer’s future. To explain this, we introduced the network of […]

Observations vs intuitions
Einstein’s Theory of Relativity introduced us to the concept of Spacetime, as a unified entity. This stands in contrast with the intuition that we develop since birth, which leads to naturally separate space and time.
Human intuition […]

Superconductors are a particularly strange kind of metal. What makes them different is their behavior at very low temperatures – extremely low, that is, close to absolute zero. Basic thermodynamics dictates that in this regime we should expect all motion […]