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Daniel Fernández completed his Ph.D. at the University of Barcelona. He has been a postdoc fellow at the Center for Theoretical Physics in Crete and at the Max Planck Institut for Physics in Munich. Currently, he is a research specialist at the University of Iceland. His research focuses on the gauge/string theory correspondence and its applications to high energy physics and condensed matter physics.

The division of past and future
In Part 1 of this series, we presented the empirical fact that under extreme circumstances, a certain observer’s past can be in another observer’s future. To explain this, we introduced the network of […]

Observations vs intuitions
Einstein’s Theory of Relativity introduced us to the concept of Spacetime, as a unified entity. This stands in contrast with the intuition that we develop since birth, which leads to naturally separate space and time.
Human intuition […]

Superconductors are a particularly strange kind of metal. What makes them different is their behavior at very low temperatures – extremely low, that is, close to absolute zero. Basic thermodynamics dictates that in this regime we should expect all motion […]