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<span property="name">Maialen Ruiz Prada</span>
MSc in Chemistry and Biochemistry, has worked as a researcher in the field of atmospheric pollution, technician in a research centre dedicated to biomaterials and translator, among others. Currently she is learning Java and exploring the applications of the new technologies in the area of Science Communication.

The Unknown Continent, the White Desert. In the past only few -and brave- people, such as Shackleton, Amundsen or Scott, dared to explore Antarctica. Nevertheless, in the fifties scientists started thinking that it was a very interesting place for […]

Jones is a small city located in the state of Oklahoma, in the Central United States. In Science Magazine we can read that the town has one bar, three restaurants and nine churches. It looks like the perfect place for […]

Bottles, bags, toys, clothes, prostheses… plastic is everywhere. Its global production has reached the quantity of 288,000,000 tonnes in 2012. Day to day and year after year we only manage to get rid of a fraction of it by recycling, […]