• I’m an 18 year old from salt lake city utah. I am curious about the possibility of snow ball earth in the book a short history of nearly everything by Bill Bryson. It talks about how the ice may have been translucent allowing sunlight to travel through the ice that algae used to photosynthesis and keep life from going extinct. How may that have happened? I think that it is more likely that there were hot spots caused by volcanic activity that kept water from freezing.

  • Why do manny Earth maps of Pangaea show a “same size” Earth. Could it be possible, that Earth has gained volume over time ? Perhaps more Is / Water og Stone. And if…The Earth was smaller = les gravity. Could this explain bigger animals earlier ?

    • The volume gained by the Earth at least since life originated is negligible.
      Bigger animals earlier were likely due to more available oxygen in the atmosphere (but there is no conclusive evidence.)

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