MI weekly selection #149


Volcanoes, asteroid may have killed dinosaurs

Researchers studying ancient lava flows in India say volcanic eruptions, combined with an asteroid strike, caused the mass extinction of dinosaurs some 66 million years ago.

Los Angeles Times

New Zealand fish jumps out of water to hunt prey

Researchers in New Zealand have discovered that the banded kokopu fish leaps from the water to hunt prey on riverbanks. Researchers became curious after finding terrestrial insects in the stomachs of the fish once thought to eat only whatever prey fell in the water, but experiments showed the fish leave the water to eat wax moth larvae left on the bank.


Review finds 2 antidepressants ineffective for teens

A reanalysis of data from a 2001 industry-funded study found the antidepressant paroxetine is neither effective nor safe for adolescents with depression. The report in BMJ also concluded that imipramine is not effective for treating depression in teens and is linked to a higher incidence of cardiovascular events.


Photos of Pluto’s moon Charon reveal large valleys

New high-resolution photographs of Pluto’s moon Charon has revealed interesting characteristics on its surface, including a large valley that crosses much of its crust. New Horizons scientists speculate the cracking could have been caused by frozen water that reached the surface of the moon.


Limb-enhancing genes in snakes appear to affect also genital growth

Genes that direct the growth of limbs may also play a role in the development of genitals, especially in snakes. Researchers found limb-enhancing genes in the genomes of three species of snakes that, when placed in mice, affected the genitals but not the limbs.

National Geographic

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