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Massive geomagnetic storm likely cause of red skies over East Asia in 1770
A powerful geomagnetic storm is the likely cause of red auroras seen in the skies for nine days over much of East Asia in 1770. Researchers scoured […]

Gravity changes could help determine quake magnitudes faster
Signals from Earth’s gravitational field could help seismologists determine the magnitude of large quakes more quickly. The quicker a temblor’s actual size can be determined, the sooner emergency personnel can know how […]

Right-sided blue whales roll left when feeding
Blue whales, who normally exhibit a right-side bias, change to a left-side bias when feeding on small crustaceans. Researchers attached cameras, hydrophones and sensors to blue whales and noticed that they typically roll […]

Living stromatolites discovered in remote wetlands of Tasmania
Microbial mats of living stromatolites, which first appeared on Earth at least 3.5 billion years ago but are very rare now, have been found in a remote wetland area of Tasmania. Researchers […]

Detailed carving found on small gem in ancient Greek tomb
A detailed scene of a warrior in battle carved on an ancient gemstone about 3.6 centimeters long was uncovered in Greece by researchers after they cleaned away dirt and limestone. […]

Malaria-causing parasites drive mosquitoes to bite humans
Mosquitoes infected with parasites that induce malaria tend to seek out humans more when the parasite is in the infectious stage, suggesting the parasite is controlling mosquitoes’ behavior. Researchers say that when Plasmodium […]

Ancient feathered dinosaur had raccoon-like facial markings
The feathered dinosaur Sinosauropteryx, which lived in northeast China between 133 million and 120 million years ago, had bandit-like markings on its face like a raccoon, as well as a banded tail […]

Saber-toothed cats were around longer than previously believed
DNA analysis of a feline jawbone has revealed that a type of saber-toothed cat lived 28,000 years ago, around the same time as modern humans and much later than previously thought. The […]

Ancient Easter Islanders’ ancestry charted through DNA tests
Ancient Easter Island inhabitants had no contact with outside people before Europeans came in the early 1700s. “They are 100% completely Polynesian ancestry as far as we can see,” said study author […]

Varying levels of pesticides found in most honey samples collected worldwide
Scientists have found varying levels of neonicotinoid pesticides in 75% of samples of honey from almost 200 areas around the world. Neonicotinoid pesticides are believed to cause such health […]