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China shares photos from far side of moon
China’s lunar mission has produced a number of photos from the far side of the moon. The images were taken by the Chang’e-4 lander and the Yutu-2 rover over the course of […]

Meteorite likely chief cause of mass extinction
The meteorite that struck Earth about 66 million years ago was likely the driving factor behind the extinction of the dinosaurs rather than extreme volcanic activity. Researchers examined deep sediments in the North […]

Parrots appear to altruistically help each other out
Researchers filmed one African grey parrot helping another get a reward, an act of altruism they say hasn’t been demonstrated before in birds. “We found that African grey parrots voluntarily and spontaneously […]

Australia bushfires create their own weather
Australia’s bushfires are creating their own weather in the form of pyrocumulonimbus clouds, which generate massive thunderstorms capable of starting more fires. “These fire-induced storms can spread fires through lightning, lofting of embers and […]

NY forest fossils date back 386M years
The 386-million-year-old fossils of trees found in New York’s Catskills are likely the remains of the world’s oldest forest. Researchers found the remains of three different types of trees in what is now […]

Alternative explanation for landslides in Mars
Long landslides on Mars may have been caused by vibrations of unstable light rocks at the bottom of the slide. The findings, which offer an alternative view to previous suggestions that the landslides were […]

New image offers closer view of interstellar object
Astronomers used the W.M. Keck Observatory’s Low-Resolution Imaging Spectrometer to take a new image of 2I/Borisov, the second interstellar object ever observed passing through our solar system. The image shows the coma […]

Clues point to possible fifth fundamental force
Physicists say they’ve gathered more evidence that there could be a fifth physical force in addition to gravity, electromagnetism and a pair of nuclear interactions. The researchers say they’ve glimpsed a force carried […]

Hayabusa2 on its way back to Earth with asteroid material
Japan’s Hayabusa2 has left the asteroid Ryugu and is on its way back to Earth, bringing with it samples of subsurface material. The spacecraft will return sometime at the end […]

Remains of woolly mammoths found in Mexico pits
The remains of 14 woolly mammoths have been found in pits in Mexico dug about 15,000 years ago by humans, according to officials with the National Institute of Anthropology and History. “[The […]