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Mode of delivery may affect breast milk’s bacterial composition
Canadian researchers found that pumped breast milk had reduced levels of healthy bifidobacteria and elevated levels of some infection-causing bacteria, such as Pseudomonadaceae and Stenotrophomonas, compared with directly breastfed milk.
Health […]

Reef fish may know it’s seeing its reflection in mirror
A coral reef fish may be able to recognize itself in a mirror. After researchers injected a colored dye on the throats of bluestreak cleaner wrasses and placed them in […]

Ginger molecules may boost growth of beneficial gut bacteria
Molecules found in ginger may help beneficial gut bacteria grow. An increase in such bacteria was observed in mice fed ginger-derived nanoparticles.
The Scientist
Curiosity’s accelerometers help measure Mount Sharp’s density […]

Brain responds to rocking during sleep with improved memory
A rocking motion may help people sleep better and improve their memory by influencing their brains’ sleep oscillations. “Our volunteers — even if they were all good sleepers — fell asleep […]

3rd fungus found in lichen
Researchers have discovered a third fungus in lichen. In addition to an ascomycete and basidiomycete yeast, scientists have detected another basidiomycete, but they aren’t yet sure if this fungus has a symbiotic relationship with […]

Astronomers may have observed black hole’s birth
A strange blast approximately 200 million light-years away may have been the birth of a black hole. Astronomers first thought the blast, dubbed “The Cow” because its official name is AT2018cow, was from […]

Photosynthesis fix may enhance food production
Researchers are trying to replicate in food crops a change they made to tobacco plants that repaired a defect in photosynthesis in which plants inadvertently took hold of oxygen molecules instead of carbon dioxide, […]

Shark tooth in pteranodon fossil suggests air-sea battle
A shark tooth has been found embedded in the partial skeleton of a pteranodon that lived during the Late Cretaceous period. “We’ve got good direct evidence that a good-sized shark took a […]

Juno space probe gets close-up view of storms at Jupiter’s poles
Massive storms at the poles of Jupiter have been spotted in images taken by a camera on NASA’s Juno space probe and processed by citizen scientists.
Elongated skulls […]

Mass extinction event likely result of warmed oceans, depleted oxygen
A mass extinction of nearly all marine animals approximately 252 million years ago was caused by volcanic activity that released greenhouse gases, resulting in warmer ocean waters and depleted oxygen. […]