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Array of facial expressions detected in mice
Subtle facial movements indicating a number of emotions have been detected in mice by machine learning tools that may help researchers learn more about how animals convey emotions. Researchers used high-speed cameras to […]

Radiation tsunamis may be coming from quasars
Quasars may be releasing tsunami-like bursts of radiation that can push material from their home galaxies outward and may inhibit star formation, according to findings in six studies published in The Astrophysical Journal […]

GPS measurements help map Himalayas’ quake risk
Scientists who studied measurements from GPS stations say they’ve identified four parts of the Himalayas that could be shaken by major earthquakes with magnitudes greater than 8.5. Researchers examined fault-locking levels in the […]

Why crocodilians weather climate change well
Crocodilians may be uniquely suited to adapt well to climate change because they’ve survived two mass extinction events and have a special kind of reproductive biology, but their diversity has decreased. “[T]he main lesson […]

New dark matter candidate
A subatomic particle known as a d-star hexaquark has been identified as a possible dark matter candidate. “The next step to establish this new dark matter candidate will be to obtain a better understanding of how […]

Many amphibians have that certain glow
Many amphibians, mostly salamanders and frogs, fluoresce under certain light conditions. Researchers tested 32 amphibian species using blue light and found that all glowed green or yellow, but they haven’t yet figured out why […]

Earth may have formed in just 5M years
The Earth formed in only about 5 million years, a much shorter amount of time than previously thought. Researchers developed this new timeline based on a study of iron isotopes collected from […]

Faraway object offers clues about planet formation
The Kuiper Belt Arrokoth, the farthest object ever visited by a spacecraft, is helping astronomers better understand how planets are formed, according to a trio of papers published in Science. “[W]e believe the […]

Climate change may be speeding up ocean currents
Ocean currents around the world, both on the surface and deeper, are faster than they were 20 years ago, likely due to the changing climate. “While we expected some response to the […]

Glass bead chilled to its ground state
Researchers have cooled a glass bead to close to absolute zero using a single laser with astonishing results: “Other cold-atom experiments can also create superpositions and quantum states, but what they can never […]