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A new shape inside your skin
The type of cells responsible for forming skin and the lining of an organism’s organs will morph into “scutoids” in order to accommodate those organs’ complex curvature.
A leap toward lifelike model of […]

Gulf Stream’s slowdown may increase global temperatures
The slowing of the Gulf Stream could lead to higher temperatures around the world. Researchers examined the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation over the past seven decades and noted patterns that suggest Earth could […]

Sea-level rise may spell doom for salt marshes in southeast England
Salt marshes in southeast England could start to disappear beginning in 2040 due to sea-level rises.
New Scientist
Large, dark sarcophagus found in Egyptian tomb
A large, dark sarcophagus […]

Uncertainties added to equation for alien life
New research has included uncertainties of numbers in the equation used to determine how widespread alien life might be throughout the galaxy. “We can show that, given current scientific uncertainty, we get a […]

Researchers deliver cells to mice, zebrafish using tiny robots
Magnetic microrobots about the width of a hair have delivered cells to preselected sites within living mice and zebrafish. Researchers say the technology may one day be used in cell therapy […]

Accepting asylum-seekers, migrants boosts nations’ economies
An influx of migrants and asylum-seekers is beneficial to a country’s economy within five years. Researchers based their findings on 30 years’ worth of data collected from 15 Western European countries.
Shallow hydrothermal […]

Spiders spin extremely thin sheets to help them move through air
Contrary to the belief that spiders “fly” with the help of just a couple of fibers, a new study shows they make triangular sheets out of ballooning fibers that […]

Cavers find new connections in massive Sistema Huautla
Mexico’s Sistema Huautla, one of the world’s deepest cave systems, is larger than previously thought. A group of cavers and researchers found new connections while trapped by flooding inside Sistema Huautla.
National […]

Companion star’s temperature differences help weigh massive pulsar
The close proximity of its companion star has helped researchers weigh a huge pulsar in the binary system PSR J2215+5135. Astronomers measured the temperature differences and the Doppler shift on the two […]

A billion comets may have played role in Pluto’s formation
A vast number of comets may have been involved in the formation of Pluto, according to researchers studying the dwarf planet’s Sputnik Planitia glacier plus data from New Horizons and […]