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César Tomé is the editor of Mapping Ignorance.

Hormonal birth control failure might be due to genetic mutation
The reason hormonal birth control methods aren’t 100% effective, even in compliant patients, may be due to a genetic mutation in some women. Researchers say about 5% of women are […]

Photo captures merging shock waves made by jets
Merging shock waves created by the supersonic speeds of two Air Force jets can be seen for the first time in photos taken by NASA. A plane flying over the two T-38 […]

Ocean warming threatens fish populations
Warming ocean temperatures due to climate change helped reduce the amount of seafood that could be sustainably caught between 1930 and 2010 by 4.1% worldwide. In some regions, such as the Sea of Japan and […]

Large-scale testing of biotech mosquitoes begins
Italy-based scientists have begun large-scale testing of biotech mosquitoes in a controlled laboratory that mimics their natural environment. The biotech mosquitoes have the doublesex gene mutation, resulting in malformed reproductive organs that prevent female […]

Mode of delivery may affect breast milk’s bacterial composition
Canadian researchers found that pumped breast milk had reduced levels of healthy bifidobacteria and elevated levels of some infection-causing bacteria, such as Pseudomonadaceae and Stenotrophomonas, compared with directly breastfed milk.
Health […]

Reef fish may know it’s seeing its reflection in mirror
A coral reef fish may be able to recognize itself in a mirror. After researchers injected a colored dye on the throats of bluestreak cleaner wrasses and placed them in […]

Ginger molecules may boost growth of beneficial gut bacteria
Molecules found in ginger may help beneficial gut bacteria grow. An increase in such bacteria was observed in mice fed ginger-derived nanoparticles.
The Scientist
Curiosity’s accelerometers help measure Mount Sharp’s density […]

Brain responds to rocking during sleep with improved memory
A rocking motion may help people sleep better and improve their memory by influencing their brains’ sleep oscillations. “Our volunteers — even if they were all good sleepers — fell asleep […]

3rd fungus found in lichen
Researchers have discovered a third fungus in lichen. In addition to an ascomycete and basidiomycete yeast, scientists have detected another basidiomycete, but they aren’t yet sure if this fungus has a symbiotic relationship with […]

Astronomers may have observed black hole’s birth
A strange blast approximately 200 million light-years away may have been the birth of a black hole. Astronomers first thought the blast, dubbed “The Cow” because its official name is AT2018cow, was from […]