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César Tomé is the editor of Mapping Ignorance.

Moon has relatively recent ice deposits
Researchers say most of the ice on the moon’s south pole is more than 3 billion years old, possibly produced by volcanoes or asteroids, and younger ice deposits may have come from meteorites or […]

Voyager data measure higher pressure at fringes of solar system
The Voyager probes have provided NASA scientists with data that suggest the pressure at the outer edges of our solar system is much higher than previously believed. Astronomers also discovered […]

Gene editing gives fruit flies monarch abilities
Researchers have edited the genes of fruit flies to make them able to digest the toxins in milkweed like monarch butterflies do. It took just three genetic tweaks to give the fruit flies […]

Organisms lived on Earth 3.5B years ago Organic matter dating back 3.5 billion years has been identified in stromatolites first discovered in Australia in the 1980s. “The organic matter that we found preserved within pyrite of the stromatolites is […]

Altered Ebola virus induces immune response in monkeys
Researchers found that exposure to a slightly altered Ebola virus induced an immune response in monkeys that protected them from the parent virus. The goal is to produce a drug that knocks […]

Hubble snaps stunning photo of Saturn
Saturn and its rings shine in an image captured by the Hubble Space Telescope and released by NASA and the European Space Agency on Thursday. The image, taken on June 20, also shows four […]


Einstein’s theory helps map pulsar’s beams
Researchers used Einstein’s theory of general relativity to map the structure of the pulsar PSR J1906+0746 and, by doing so, they also confirmed the theory. Astronomers observed the pulses coming from PSR J1906+0746 […]

Frog brain study looks for parenting clues
Some poison dart frogs take an active role in parenting their young rather than disregarding eggs once they are laid, and researchers found brain regions in males and females that could offer clues […]

Pumping ocean water onto Antarctic ice sheet may save it
Researchers say pumping massive amounts of ocean water onto the collapsing ice sheet in West Antarctica over a 10-year period may stabilize it and possibly prevent extreme sea level rise, […]

Supermassive black holes heading for collision found
A pair of supermassive black holes about 2.5 billion light-years away appear to be on a collision course with each other in a few more billion years, but astronomers say they can learn […]