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César Tomé is the editor of Mapping Ignorance.

Spiders spin extremely thin sheets to help them move through air
Contrary to the belief that spiders “fly” with the help of just a couple of fibers, a new study shows they make triangular sheets out of ballooning fibers that […]

Cavers find new connections in massive Sistema Huautla
Mexico’s Sistema Huautla, one of the world’s deepest cave systems, is larger than previously thought. A group of cavers and researchers found new connections while trapped by flooding inside Sistema Huautla.
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Companion star’s temperature differences help weigh massive pulsar
The close proximity of its companion star has helped researchers weigh a huge pulsar in the binary system PSR J2215+5135. Astronomers measured the temperature differences and the Doppler shift on the two […]

A billion comets may have played role in Pluto’s formation
A vast number of comets may have been involved in the formation of Pluto, according to researchers studying the dwarf planet’s Sputnik Planitia glacier plus data from New Horizons and […]

Crops could get nutrient boost from nanoparticles
Nanoparticles typically used to treat cancer in humans could be used to deliver nutrients to malnourished plants. Crops are better able to absorb fertilizing nutrients delivered by liposomes than from traditional nutrient spray. […]

Astronomers chart 3D map of gas cloud, revealing its flat shape
The shape of a gas cloud in the Musca constellation has been mapped in 3D, giving astronomers an idea about why it has failed to produce stars. The 3D […]

Climate change disrupting lives of Europe’s bats
The changing climate in Europe is affecting bats, disrupting their hibernation and hurting their ability to feed their offspring, which are being born sooner, according to researchers.
Studies describe “global road map […]

ESA’s Gaia mission releases 2nd data set on Milky Way observations
Scientists are studying the latest data from the Gaia satellite, launched by the European Space Agency in 2013 to chart the Milky Way’s stars with great accuracy, in search […]

New species of exploding ant discovered in Borneo
A new species of exploding ant has been found in Borneo. Female worker ants in the Colobopsis explodens species sacrifice themselves to protect their colonies from threats by rupturing a […]

Researchers devise method to join two single, specific atoms into new molecule
Chemists used laser tweezers to grab a sodium atom and a cesium atom to create a new molecule in a highly controlled chemical reaction.
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How cancer […]