MI weekly selection #495

Source: Weill Cornell Medicine

Bering Land Bridge formed surprisingly late during last ice age

A new study shows that the Bering Land Bridge, the strip of land that once connected Asia to Alaska, emerged far later during the last ice age than previously thought.

Full Story: Princeton University

Exotic clasts in Chang’e-5 samples indicate unexplored terrane on moon

The Chang’e-5 mission touched down in the Mons Rümker region of the northern Oceanus Procellarum of the Moon and returned 1.731 kg of lunar regolith.

Full Story: Universe Today

Skiing over Christmas holidays no longer guaranteed – even with snow guns

For many people, holidays in the snow are as much a part of the end of the year as Christmas trees and fireworks. As global warming progresses, however, white slopes are becoming increasingly rare.

Full Story: EurekAlert

Brain area necessary for fluid intelligence identified

A team led by UCL and UCLH researchers have mapped the parts of the brain that support our ability to solve problems without prior experience – otherwise known as fluid intelligence.

Full Story: Medscape UK

Enzyme that protects against viruses could fuel cancer evolution

An enzyme that defends human cells against viruses can help drive cancer evolution towards greater malignancy by causing myriad mutations in cancer cells.

Full Story: Weill Cornell Medicine

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