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PhD in Physics (Complutense University of Madrid, Spain), Daniel García has worked as a seismologist at UNAM (Mexico), the US Geological Survey, and the Global Earthquake Model initiative, understanding earthquake ground motions and improving PAGER, a system that estimates the human and economic loss in the aftermath of an earthquake. He collaborates with outreach projects and mass media in Spain, Mexico, Argentina, and the USA, sharing his passion for Earth.

News on global warming and sea-level rise flood our daily life. Even a modest decimeter increase of the current sea level will affect millions of people . Despite this gloomy scenario, we lack precise models to predict sea level changes […]

In addictions the first and toughest step is admitting our fault. The same applies in science: assuming our ignorance pushes us beyond the starting line, ready to delve into the unknown. So when in May 12th, 2008 a […]