MI weekly selection #270

Unusual behavior of Centaurus A dwarf galaxies raises dark matter questions

Scientists were surprised to find 14 dwarf galaxies swarming around the galaxy Centaurus A that are aligned and share an orbital plane, instead of moving in random orbits like their counterparts. The finding challenges current thoughts on how dark matter affects dwarf galaxies’ behaviour.

Scientific American

Scientists collect coral sperm, eggs for cryopreservation

Researchers are collecting sperm and eggs from a variety of the world’s coral and cryopreserving them in hopes of restoring them in the future as climate change threatens current coral environments.

The Scientist

Scientists find no evidence of gravity leaking into unseen dimensions

Gravity doesn’t bleed into unseen dimensions. Scientists looked for evidence of gravity leaking into other dimensions by examining the recent crash between a pair of neutron stars, but they observed no unexpected changes in the gravitational waves emitted by the collision.

Science News

Experimental vaccine effective in killing cancer cells in mice

Researchers tested a cancer vaccine consisting of two immune-stimulating agents injected directly into tumours of mouse subjects that killed the cancer cells while also decimating rogue cells that came from the tumours and had spread to other areas of the subjects’ bodies.

Health Day

Physicists come up with way to stop light waves using exceptional points

There are exceptional points at which light can be forced to reach an absolute stop. In the paper, researchers describe their theoretical technique for tuning exceptional points, the meeting point on mirrored pairs of wavelengths, in such a way as to stop light.

Live Science

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