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Adrià Rofes holds a PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience (International Doctorate for Experimental Approaches to Language and Brain) and a MSc in Clinical Linguistics (Erasmus Mundus in Clinical Linguistics). He is an Atlantic Fellow at the Global Brain Health Institue and works at Trinity College Dublin (Ireland) and Johns Hopkins University (USA).

The Mütter Museum in Philadelphia is one of those must go places for any brain enthusiast. The collection beautifully represents the history of modern medicine, including a repository of skulls used in phrenological studies, broken cranial bones à la […]

If you feel stuck for words every once in a while, the most straightforward answer is that there is nothing wrong with you. Fifty years ago, Roger Brown and David McNeill at Harvard University showed that it is possible to […]

The number of people who speak one language (monolinguals) is rather small today , with many of us growing up with more than one language or learning another one during our lifetime. Language experts argue that what counts as speaking […]

The usage of the words “Eskimo” and “Inuit” is one of these cases in which, all of a sudden, we are told we have been saying something wrong all along. Lawrence Kaplan from the Alaska Native Language Centre at the […]

People who are diagnosed with dementia may initially report problems on memory and/or language that affect their activities of daily living. Once factors such as depression, delirium, or mild cognitive impairment, are disregarded, these people are typically referred to a […]