MI weekly selection #364

Earth may have formed in just 5M years

The Earth formed in only about 5 million years, a much shorter amount of time than previously thought. Researchers developed this new timeline based on a study of iron isotopes collected from meteorites.


These fish can pause cell, organ growth as embryos

African turquoise killifish can double their life span by suspending cell and organ growth while they are embryos. The diapause process can last up to two years and involves the chromobox 7 gene, which inhibits metabolism-linked genes, while keeping genes key to muscle maintenance active.

Science News

The underestimation of fossil fuel methane emissions

Methane emissions from fossil fuels may have been underestimated by as much as 40%, according to data gathered globally as far back 1750.

The Verge

Junk food may trick brain to increase appetite

Eating junk food may disrupt the hippocampus, which affects memory and appetite control in the brain, causing people to overindulge. Researchers recorded changes in appetite control in study participants within one week of starting a junk food diet.


Wild robins appear to remember learned tasks

Wild robins at a New Zealand sanctuary have demonstrated they can remember a foraging task they were taught almost two years ago. Researchers taught the birds how to open compartments in a box to reach a treat inside, then 22 months later tested them with the same box, with most opening the correct compartments on the first try.

The Scientist

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