Author: Ivan Coluzza is an Ikerbasque Research Professor at CICbiomaGUNE
On our unique planet, life evolved under the pressure of natural selection. The evolution theory of Darwin demonstrates the incredible plasticity of the living organism. For millions of years, living […]

New tool helps scientists visualize stem cell division
A tool developed by the Allen Institute for Cell Science can help scientists see what a human stem cell looks like when it’s dividing. The Integrated Mitotic Stem Cell is a colorful […]

The way a particular reaction proceeds, described in terms of the steps involved, is called mechanism. The study of organic chemistry is, to a great extent, the study of reaction mechanisms and textbooks content both their description and their applications. […]

Given the choice between €500 and a chance to win either €0 or €1000 with equal probabilities, most people opt for the sure prize of €500, even if the expected amount of money is the same in both cases. In […]

Sensory profiling is a very important tool in food industry, crucial in order to adapt the products to consumers’ preferences. Quantitative Descriptive Analysis (QDA) is a precise tool to relate characteristics of the product with consumers’ perception, since trained panels […]

E. coli variant created with synthetic genome
An artificial version of Escherichia coli was created with a synthetic genome. Researchers built the genome piece by piece because “the bacterial chromosome is so big, we needed an approach that would […]

So-called “valleytronics” is a new type of electronics that could lead to faster and more efficient computer logic systems and data storage chips in next-generation devices. Valley electrons are so named because they carry a valley degree […]

Author: Martha Villabona works at Centro Nacional de Innovación e Investigación Educativa (CNIIE) of the Spanish Ministry of Education and Vocational Training, where she coordinates the area of multiple literacies.

Technology by itself is not good or bad […]

One of the most important ethical debates of the next decades will be, no doubt, the one about our moral obligations towards non-human beings, and in particular, towards the members of other animal species. Very likely, not only philosophical discussions, […]

Oxygen shifts linked to animal evolution during Cambrian explosion
The rise and fall of atmospheric oxygen levels during the Cambrian explosion have been linked to the evolutionary changes in animal biodiversity at the time. Researchers looked at changes in organic […]