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César Tomé is the editor of Mapping Ignorance.

CRISPR edits genes in pigs to make organs safer for transplants
Researchers have inactivated porcine endogenous retroviruses using CRISPR-Cas9, paving the way for potentially safer pig-to-human transplants. After 25 retroviruses were edited out of the pig DNA, the genetic material […]

First look at inner workings of water vortexes
The links, twists and writhes of water vortexes and how they all work together have been observed for the first time. The findings could help researchers better understand larger vortexes, such as […]

Genetic study offers new clues about tardigrades
Tardigrades make very specific proteins that help their cells keep their shape even when there is no water present, helping explain why the tiny creatures can survive desiccation. The study also suggests that […]

Cows may help researchers develop vaccine for HIV
Cows’ immune systems show an extraordinary ability to neutralize HIV and may help researchers develop a vaccine for humans. Scientists say cows’ unique digestive system may play a role in their ability […]

Ravens can pre-plan, barter for rewards
Ravens have the cognitive ability to plan ahead and barter for rewards. Researchers tested ravens in a series of experiments and found they performed better at those tasks than great apes or human children. […]

NASA’s quieter supersonic jet zooms past milestone
A supersonic jet under development at NASA that would create a much quieter sound than the loud sonic booms produced by more conventional supersonic aircraft has passed a preliminary design review. The Quiet […]

Data assimilation to help predict volcano eruptions
A new method to forecast volcano activity using data assimilation is being developed by researchers in France. The method uses satellite data to gauge each volcano’s magma overpressure.
Scientific American
Bees exposed to […]

Another distant planet suspected to be in Kuiper Belt
Another planet, in addition to the so-called Planet Nine predicted last year, may be circling the sun in the Kuiper Belt. Researchers detected something between the size of Earth and Mars […]

Genes’ intron retention may be behind sex reversal in reptiles at high temps
Australian central bearded dragon embryos, which under normal temperatures would hatch as either male or female, all hatch female regardless of their chromosomes when exposed to high […]

Streaks shooting out from Mars impact craters likely caused by high-speed winds
Some impact craters on Mars show evidence of wind streaks likely caused by high-speed sideways vortices rolling away following the impacts. “These have tornado-like speeds but do not […]