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César Tomé is the editor of Mapping Ignorance.

Star formation topped out around 10B years ago
A comprehensive study of high-energy gamma rays suggests that star formation in the universe reached its highest rate about 10 billion years ago. Researchers examined 740 space objects that produce high-energy gamma […]

Yellow band is Milky Way’s reflection on moon in new depiction
Milky Way radio waves can be seen as a bright splash of yellow reflected on the moon’s surface in a new image. Astronomers used data from the Murchison […]

Patient with Parkinson’s gets experimental stem cell-based treatment
Researchers have placed 2.4 million dopamine precursor cells derived from induced pluripotent stem cells into the brain of a patient with Parkinson’s disease, the first of seven people to undergo the experimental […]

Astronomers identify star with clues to early days of universe
A nearby star may have been around since shortly after the Big Bang and could help astronomers learn more about what the universe was like back then. The star, 2MASS […]

Aplan to decode every complex species on Earth
The Earth BioGenome Project aims to sequence 1.5 million genomes.
Nature News
Rainy, green Arabia may have greeted hominids at least 300K years ago
Stone tools and animal fossils found in […]

Shallow waters helped diversify early vertebrates
Researchers gathered almost 3,000 records of early fish fossils and put them into a database that helped them learn how the creatures diversified. “We found that all vertebrates, from the first jawless forms to […]

Tiny arms may have helped T. Rex manipulate prey
The Tyrannosaurus rex‘s tiny arms were more useful than previously thought. Researchers used turkey and alligator elbows to simulate movements of a T. rex joint, finding that its ability to […]

Hidden companion likely stole material from star
A close celestial companion of some kind likely siphoned off the mass of a star before it exploded into an unusual supernova, ejecting very little material. “We call this an ultrastripped envelope supernova,” […]

Flu outbreaks likely influenced by city size, crowding
A city itself influences the contours of its flu season – whether flu cases rise to a wintertime peak or plateau from fall to spring.
Review shows vitamin D does not […]

Huge Jurassic-period dinosaur had crouching posture
An enormous Jurassic-period dinosaur that walked on all fours with an unusual crouching posture has been described in a new study after its remains were fully unearthed last year. The 200 million-year-old sauropodomorph has […]