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César Tomé is the editor of Mapping Ignorance.

HIV treatment’s effectiveness affected by type of bacteria in vagina
Unhealthy bacteria colonies in the vagina may hinder the effectiveness of tenofovir, a drug used in gel form to prevent HIV infection. “We went from 60% protection if you have […]

Cyclones and auroras among Juno’s discoveries about Jupiter
Massive cyclones have been spotted near Jupiter’s north and south poles, and the gas giant’s auroras differ greatly from those of Earth, according to findings gathered by the Juno spacecraft in its […]

Moss in Antarctica growing more quickly as temperatures rise
Mosses are growing at a faster pace in Antarctica thanks to climate change. The moss is growing on the northern peninsula, making what little green there is on the continent greener […]

Drug-resistant bacteria’s origins traced back 450M years
The drug-resistant bacteria Enterococcus may have evolved from an ancient gut microbe that lived inside some of the first creatures that walked on land about 450 million years ago. Researchers examined the […]

Mature parasite living in fish eyeball helps host become easy prey for birds
The parasite Diplostomum pseudospathaceum grows inside fish eyeballs and, depending on its age, either protects its host or compels the fish to become easy prey to […]

Early plate tectonics likely played role in Earth’s oxygen event
The early days of plate tectonics may have contributed to the Great Oxygenation Event. “It was likely a combination of many of these mechanisms, including subduction, that allowed O2 levels […]

Electrical stimulation to brain at right time can improve memory
Electrical stimulation sent to the brain at certain times can boost memory. Scientists found that sending a jolt when brain signals suggested a likely memory lapse helped the person’s recall […]

Atmospheric metal layers around Mars found
Layers of atmospheric metal ions have been found around Mars by NASA’s MAVEN space probe, puzzling researchers because the layers shouldn’t be there. “Something is causing these layers — something is pushing them around […]

Atmosphere found around exoplanet about size of Earth
An atmosphere has been discovered for the first time around an exoplanet a little bigger than Earth, according to findings published in The Astrophysical Journal. GJ 1132b, which circles a dwarf star […]


Reported sightings of Tasmanian tigers to be investigated
Recent possible sightings have raised hopes that a marsupial known as the Tasmanian tiger, last seen more than 80 years ago, may not be extinct. Researchers with James Cook University in […]