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César Tomé is the editor of Mapping Ignorance.

Some mental health conditions share genetic patterns
A study of brain tissue from people with either schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, autism, depression or alcoholism suggests there are some similar gene expression patterns among those conditions.
New Scientist
Musk’s Tesla Roadster plots […]

Unusual behavior of Centaurus A dwarf galaxies raises dark matter questions
Scientists were surprised to find 14 dwarf galaxies swarming around the galaxy Centaurus A that are aligned and share an orbital plane, instead of moving in random orbits like […]

Distant dwarf planet Haumea boasts a super-fast spin
A dwarf planet that exists far past Neptune spins extremely fast on its axis. Haumea’s fast spin, once every four hours, contributes to its elongated shape.
Ancient jawbone suggests earlier exit […]

Changing weather in Arctic may threaten musk oxen
Musk oxen, used to living in the Arctic’s extreme cold, may not do well in the region’s changing climate. The warmer, rainy weather has limited their ability to find food, leading to […]

Space travel can hurt astronauts’ eye nerves
Tissues that surround part of astronauts’ optic nerves become damaged due to long-term space travel. The study looked at 15 astronauts who had been in space for about six months.
Live Science
Evidence […]

Genes linked to exploration in birds may help them adapt to climate change
Birds whose genes favour exploration of new habitats will likely handle climate change better than those inclined to stay where they are. Researchers have identified a pair […]

Sponge, algae growth on rise in Caribbean reefs
Sponges and algae appear to be taking over reefs from coral in the Caribbean. Fewer predators due to overfishing and coral bleaching are spurring the growth of sponges, which have developed a […]

Mussels all over world show signs of plastic ingestion
Microplastics are showing up in mussels around the world, including in the Arctic, and they may be making their way into human diets.
Inflammatory protein found to attract amyloid-beta buildup […]

Life in early colonial Mexico charted on unique aztec map
A rare map dating back to 1593 offers clues about Spanish explorers and the indigenous peoples of Mexico. The map, which is available to view on the Library of Congress […]

Massive geomagnetic storm likely cause of red skies over East Asia in 1770
A powerful geomagnetic storm is the likely cause of red auroras seen in the skies for nine days over much of East Asia in 1770. Researchers scoured […]