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César Tomé is the editor of Mapping Ignorance.

Atmospheric metal layers around Mars found
Layers of atmospheric metal ions have been found around Mars by NASA’s MAVEN space probe, puzzling researchers because the layers shouldn’t be there. “Something is causing these layers — something is pushing them around […]

Atmosphere found around exoplanet about size of Earth
An atmosphere has been discovered for the first time around an exoplanet a little bigger than Earth, according to findings published in The Astrophysical Journal. GJ 1132b, which circles a dwarf star […]


Reported sightings of Tasmanian tigers to be investigated
Recent possible sightings have raised hopes that a marsupial known as the Tasmanian tiger, last seen more than 80 years ago, may not be extinct. Researchers with James Cook University in […]

Experiment hopes to shine intense light on hydrogen fuel production
Nearly 150 powerful lamps that together produce light more intense than natural sunlight are the focus of the Synlight experiment in Germany that scientists hope can help create hydrogen fuel. […]

Special genes help tardigrades survive desiccation
The sturdy tardigrade, or water bear, can survive desiccation for years, pulling itself into its exoskeleton and rolling up into a ball. Unique genes create tardigrade-specific intrinsically disordered proteins that protect the water bear’s […]

Creation of synthetic yeast genome nearly completed
Scientists are close to creating synthetic yeast and could have it completed by the end of this year. The artificial genome has been completely designed and is about one-third complete, and once constructed, […]

DNA-based computer could solve problems faster
A theoretical DNA-based computer called a nondeterministic universal Turing machine could work out difficult problems faster than both conventional and quantum computers. The machine works by endlessly rearranging DNA via gene editing.
New Scientist […]

Human gene expression still influenced by Neanderthal DNA
Neanderthal DNA is still influencing the expression of human genes, affecting such things as the development of illnesses, height and immune systems. “Strikingly, we find that Neanderthal sequences present in living individuals […]

Signs of organic material spotted on Ceres
Evidence of the building blocks of life has been found on the dwarf planet Ceres. NASA’s Dawn spacecraft has detected signs of organic molecules around the Ernutet crater.
Los Angeles Times
Radio receivers […]

Thickness of Mercury’s mysterious water ice deposits measured
Water ice on Mercury is about 50 meters thick on average, but there is some flexibility in that number and exactly where that water came from remains a mystery. Researchers used data […]