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César Tomé is the editor of Mapping Ignorance.

Long canyon lies beneath Greenland Ice Sheet
A canyon nearly twice as long as the Grand Canyon has been found under the massive Greenland Ice Sheet. By studying data compiled over three decades, Jonathan Bamber of the University of Bristol […]

BMI may not be accurate predictor of fitness, study suggests
Metabolism and body mass index do not go hand-in-hand, according to a study published in the journal Science. According to the study, it is possible to have a normal-range BMI […]

Current safe sugar levels may not be so safe
Female mice fed a diet with 25% added sugars died at twice the normal rate, while males were less likely to reproduce. That amount of sugar is considered a safe level […]

Herbal remedy has cancerous side effect
Aristolochia plants, which have been used in China for herbal remedies, have been found to cause cancer, according to two studies published in Science Translational Medicine. The plants contain a naturally carcinogenic compound […]

Varied smelling ability linked to genes
Scientists at the New Zealand Institute for Plant and Food Research sequenced test subjects’ genomes to see if they could predict an individual’s smelling ability, and found clusters of genes that reliably predicted the […]

Methane released from Arctic permafrost could cost trillions worldwide
Scientists warn that large amounts of methane that could be released from the melting Arctic permafrost could have a huge global economic impact. The release of 50-gigatonnes of methane over 10 […]

New study of foragers undermines claim that war has deep evolutionary roots
One of the most insidious modern memes holds that war is innate, an adaptation bred into our ancestors by natural selection. This hypothesis—let’s call it the “Deep Roots […]

Dog breeds in Americas trace ancestry to Asian dogs
A study found that modern breeds of Chihuahuas, Arctic sled dogs and Peruvian hairless dogs trace their ancestry to dogs that humans brought across the ancient land bridge that connected North […]

Clouds protect habitable planets from star’s heat
According to a recent study that developed a 3D model to explore how clouds affect temperatures on exoplanets, the number of habitable worlds could be double the amount previously thought. The study found […]

Poor Math Skills Make a Mortgage Default More Likely
Unprecedented numbers of American subprime mortgage holders began defaulting on their loans in 2006, precipitating two years later the most severe global recession since The Great Depression. Pundits have offered numerous […]