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Guzmán Sánchez holds an MSc in Genetic Analysis and a PhD in Molecular Biology. He has worked as a researcher in Spain, England, Canada and Germany. In November 2014 he co-founded Scienseed, a multifunctional agency for science communication. As part of his activity, he is constantly exploring different approaches to disseminate scientific findings and to critically assess how they meet societal needs.

You have around 3,000 million letters in you genome. And so does your neighbour, your boss or your gym instructor. They go like this: ATGC…and so on. The four same letters over and over in endless different combinations. What makes […]

It is possible that we know more about the cause of skin cancer than about any other type of cancer. The link between sun exposure (UV radiation) and the development of skin cancer is solidly established. And […]

Think about just thinking. Not doing anything else but thinking. It´s not rocket science, right? In fact, the ability to engage in conscious thoughts is a distinctive feature of human kind. We’ve been doing it for quite some time […]

Bacteria are the workhorses for a large number of biotechnological processes. From different fermentation processes to insulin production, they are widely used in industry due to their efficiency, fast duplication times and ease of maintenance. But often their behaviour […]

…if you want to want to be alive.
The rock band Wilco already said it back in 2002 when they released the much-acclaimed album Yankee Hotel Foxtrot. This simple statement found in one of the songs of that […]

…at least not on their own.
So, it´s already been over half a century since the humble proposition of Watson & Crick on the structure of DNA, (one of) the molecule(s) of life: a seminal discovery for the development of […]