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Strange objects near neighboring galaxies brighten, then dim. A pair of unknown objects near neighboring galaxies appear to produce extremely bright X-ray flares, then dim after about an hour. Astronomers aren’t sure what these objects are, noting that nothing […]

Single-celled amoeba uses molecular mechanisms similar to complex life. The single-celled amoeba Capsaspora owczarzaki has the same molecular tools as more complex organisms to help it move through various life stages. The findings suggest multi-celled mechanisms may have been […]

Busy cells on the move in babies’ brains observed. Neurons move through babies’ brains to where they are needed most in the first few months after birth, and these movements have now been seen by researchers. Researchers say the […]

Bumblebees’ emotional buzz charted. Happy bumblebees are productive bumblebees, according to a study published in Science that charted how the insects’ changing moods affected their decision-making behavior. The findings are the first clues that primitive emotional states exist in […]

Acoustic holograms can move objects with 3D sound shapes. Acoustic holograms of blocks of 3D-printed plastic can create 3D sound shapes that can move objects without touching them. Live Science. Circadian rhythm gene linked to breast cancer spread . A […]

Astronomers spy most distant galaxy cluster ever observed. A young galaxy cluster 11.1 billion light-years from Earth is the most distant ever observed, astronomers say. Multiple space telescopes were used to spot CL J1001+0220, where nine of its 11 […]

Faraway galaxy made mostly of dark matter . A Milky Way-sized galaxy made up almost entirely of dark matter has been spotted 300 million light years away, and now researchers are looking for one similar to Dragonfly 44 that’s closer […]

Zika could also target adult brains, study of mice suggests. The Zika virus may be even more harmful than once thought, and it may attack adult brains, according to a study of mice brains. Researchers found that adult mice […]

Canyons on Titan carved by rivers of methane. Canyons on Saturn’s moon Titan were carved by rivers of methane in much the same way that water carved the Grand Canyon on Earth. Scientists examined radar images taken by the […]

Evidence of ancient flood uncovered in China . Scientists have uncovered evidence that the myth that an enormous flood spawned China’s Xia dynasty isn’t just legend. Geologists, historians and archaeologists worked together to determine a massive flood occurred around 1,922 […]