MI weekly selection #182


Hubble image offers detailed view of Mars

A detailed image of Mars has been taken by the Hubble Space Telescope as the Red Planet moves into opposition with Earth. The image depicts many of Mars’ geological features, such as mountains, plains and ice caps. Mars is in opposition today!


Urban bees mostly dine on flowers rather than human food

City-dwelling bees prefer flower nectar over human food. Scientists wanted to see if urban bees consumed more processed sugars than rural bees, and they were surprised to find that the city bees generally went more for flowers than processed foods.


Insect-like flying robots can stick to surfaces

Tiny flying robots the size of insects can stick to walls and take off from ceilings, according to findings published in Science. The mini-drones conserve energy by perching, researchers say, and they stick to surfaces using electrostatic adhesion.


Small modular nuclear reactors take step closer to marketplace

Small modular nuclear reactors have moved a step closer to the marketplace with the Tennessee Valley Authority’s permit application to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Small modular reactors are more economical than large plants, can be built on a production line and are versatile due to their modularity. The application to build a small modular reactor facility signals a new era of nuclear power.

Scientific American

Migraine patients may find relief with green light

Green light may offer some relief to those who have migraines, while other wavelengths of light exacerbate the recurrent headaches. Researchers are developing special sunglasses that screen out all light wavelengths except for green to bring some relief to migraine patients.

New Scientist

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