MI weekly selection #218

New species of ghost shark with buckteeth found

A new species of bucktoothed ghost shark has been described in Zootaxa. Hydrolagus erithacus is dark-colored, has a large head with big teeth and measures about 3 feet, or about 1 meter, long.

Live Science

Magnetic fields of stars close to our galaxy’s black hole amplified

Stars that graze the black hole at the centre of our galaxy can survive, but their magnetic fields become amplified. If the stars get too close, they become tidally disrupted and are pulled apart, but their magnetic field strength is maintained, according to new simulations.


Similar microbiome maturation in infants with cesarean or vaginal delivery

Infants’ microbiomes in the mouth, nostrils, skin and stool significantly expands and diversifies between birth and 4 weeks to 6 weeks of age. The bacterial community structure and function is similar between those delivered vaginally and those born by cesarean section.


Quasar measurements suggest universe is expanding at faster rate

The universe is expanding at a rate of about 72 kilometers per second per megaparsec, according to measurements taken using quasars. The findings align with measurements taken using type 1a supernovas as opposed to those taken using cosmic microwave background experiments, which indicate a slower expansion rate.

Science News

How to reset your internal clocks

Camping outside without electronics or electric lights could improve one’s sleep. Participants in the small study went to sleep more than two hours earlier than they usually did, effectively resetting their internal clocks.

The Guardian

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