MI weekly selection #238

Another distant planet suspected to be in Kuiper Belt

Another planet, in addition to the so-called Planet Nine predicted last year, may be circling the sun in the Kuiper Belt. Researchers detected something between the size of Earth and Mars causing a warp in the orbits of asteroids, comets and dwarf planets within the Kuiper Belt.


Chimp groups’ hunting behaviour changed by researchers’ presence

The presence of researchers may have affected chimpanzees’ hunting habits. Researchers compared the behaviour of neighbouring groups of chimps, one group that was used to the researchers’ presence and the other not so comfortable with it, and found that the less comfortable group’s behaviour changed.


Ancient hieroglyphs with cosmic message found in Egypt

Large, ancient hieroglyphs bearing a cosmic message have been found inscribed in rocks in Egypt. The hieroglyphs date back about 5,200 years and are likely “an expression of royal authority over the ordered cosmos”.

Live Science

Placental, fetal tissue can help determine Zika infection in newborns

Researchers tested the placental and fetal tissue of newborns for Zika virus infection, and they found that only 10% of at-risk infants were actually infected and that infection did not directly correlate to birth defects.

Health day

Wooden prosthetic toe found on 3,000-year-old mummy

A wooden prosthetic toe found on a 3,000-year-old mummy in Egypt is offering insights about ancient medical practices. Researchers have determined that the toe was refitted several times, likely to make it look more natural and be more comfortable, according to findings yet to be published.

Live Science

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