MI weekly selection #119


Multiple views of a supernova seen by astronomers

Astronomers have been able to witness the same supernova multiple times at different spots because of the gravitational lense effect of a galaxy cluster.

The New York Times

Snowflakes aren’t symmetrical, according to cutting-edge camera

Snowflakes are even more complex than previously thought, according to high-speed 3D images taken by a new camera developed to help improve weather-related travel warnings. Images show that not only are snowflakes different from each other, individual snowflakes aren’t symmetrical, as previously thought. The images will help meteorologists get more precise information about precipitation to make better predictions.

Live Science

Muons used to locate melted nuclear fuel at Fukushima plant

A team of scientists, including researchers from Japan’s High Energy Accelerator Research Organization, conducted an experiment last month at Tokyo Electric Power’s Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant. The team used a method that employed particles called muons to search for nuclear fuel that melted inside the plant’s three reactors during the nuclear accident in 2011.

The Japan Times

Paralyzed stroke patients use robotic gloves to regain hand movement

Scientists have developed robotic gloves fitted with leaf springs and sensors to help paralyzed stroke patients regain hand and arm function. Users play games with the gloves as part of their therapy regimen, and health care providers can monitor their progress remotely. The prototype gloves have been tested on patients and are ready for commercial production, according to the inventors.


Iron Age Celtic prince found buried with chariot in France

An elaborate Iron Age tomb found in northwestern France belongs to a Celtic prince, who was buried with his chariot and other unique artifacts, some of them reflecting the growing interaction between the Celtic elites and the Mediterranean world.


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