MI weekly selection #176


Neanderthal Y chromosome missing in modern humans

The Neanderthal Y chromosome hasn’t been found in modern humans, suggesting it is extinct. Researchers found dissimilarities in the Neanderthal Y chromosome’s immunity genes that could have caused miscarriages.


Clouds may not help keep global temperatures down

Clouds’ cooling power may not be as great as climate change computer models suggest. Mixed-phase clouds contain water and ice crystals, and the balance of the two can affect how carbon dioxide influences atmospheric temperatures. They found that the clouds hold less ice than they thought, which could result in more warming than what was previously predicted.

The New York Times

Tiny spiders snag prey with super-fast jaws

Tiny trap-jaw spiders lie in wait for prey, then snap their powerful jaws on it with super speed. “Think of it like a rubber band that you pull back and then it flicks forward really fast. Somewhere, they’re storing that energy, and our next task is to find out where,” said Hannah Wood, who led the research.

The Christian Science Monitor

Diabetes patients have lower life expectancy

Life expectancy among people with type 1 diabetes was 12.2 years lower than the general population. Female patients showed a 12.5 years lower life expectancy, with male patients reporting 11.6 years lower. Australian and Chinese researchers analyzed 5,981 deaths of diabetes patients between 1997 and 2010 and found those who died had a life expectancy of 68.6 years.


Cyclodextrin shows promise against cholesterol

Cyclodextrin reduced arterial plaque and dissolved cholesterol crystals in mice. The compound is used to help dissolve and deliver drugs and is being studied as a treatment for Niemann-Pick Type C, a rare genetic disease.

The Wall Street Journal

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