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Daniel Moreno Andrés holds a PhD in Biochemistry. From 2006 to 2009 he developed his predoctoral research at the Nutrient-Mediated Signaling Unit of the Instituto de Biomedicina de Valencia-CSIC. Afterwards he was a postdoctoral researcher at the Department of Molecular Genetics and Cell Biology of the University of Ulm (Germany). Currently he is a postdoctoral researcher in The Friedrich Miescher Laboratory of the Max Planck Institute in Tübingen (Germany).

Man does not live by hardware alone. Indeed, great material and conceptual improvements in the machinery of optical microscopes have occurred in recent decades. The examples are numerous (some example here; However, what is being achieved only with software […]

Almost every one of our body cells bears in its nucleus about 2 meters of DNA containing the genes that shape our being. All that, roughly 20.000 protein-coding genes, regulatory and unknown-function sequences, tightly packed inside a structure that has […]

Behind the symmetrical shell of humans and vertebrates lies a profound asymmetry. Our bilaterality breaks down inside our body. Not only our viscera are organized asymmetrically. Also our brain and nervous system, whose general appearance seems symmetrical, present lateralized structure […]

Running is an activity that humans have held for millennia. It has been a tool, a hobby or a fashion rose by needs, crisis, culture or marketing campaigns. Today, in a busy and sedentary society aware that to maintain health […]

They say that we were born to run, not metaphorically as in that famous song by Bruce Springsteen, but more literally. The cursorial human being is neither the fastest nor the agilest or the most powerful (a simple backpack […]

They say that Information is power. Probably because having the knowledge, when the data are correct, it is essential to anticipate the right move that will lead to success. Today, several decades into the information age seems to be no […]

I still remember the order and control exhibited by the chemistry of life that they explained to me in the early years of college. For me, the regulation of gene expression was the supreme paradigm of organization. The promoters, […]

Some pharmaceutical painkillers and analgesics like Noscapine, papaverine and tubocurarine or the most famous opioids codeine or morphine are Benzylisoquinoline derivatives. Few of them are used daily for thousands of people to relieve a variety of physical pains. However, due […]

Since the cells were discovered with the advent of the microscope in the late seventeenth century, scientists have tried hard to find out what is going on into them. An avalanche of techniques and technologies emerged over the course of […]

Everybody has heard about that. They say that plants are able to hear. Who has not ever heard from someone or read somewhere that talking to your plants makes them grow better and to be more splendid than if you […]