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Decision making in areas such as production planning, distribution and grid management, logistics or financial portfolio management is usually based on mathematical models, mathematical optimization themselves.
Let us assume that we have to take a decision of how many units […]

Among his around 1525 papers, Paul Erdős considered On sets of distances of n points as his most important contribution to discrete geometry. There, he stated:
On the boundary of every convex body, there exists a point P […]

Consider a set of distinct points in the plane, no three of them on the same line. Draw straight-line segments joining pairs of those points. This is called a geometric graph and here we are going to focus on […]

Strange as it may sound to many people, the fact is that some of the most interesting work on epistemology that is being currently done in Spain is carried out at the headquarters of the Spanish gendarmerie (the well known […]

Imagine the following situation: about 100 people have to choose one of them for an important position; they have different preferences about who must be chosen, some may have a stronger or lighter interest in being elected, but, and this […]