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The Ebola outbreak has brought the fear of a viral pandemic to the headlines once more, as it happened before with the avian or swine flu. Although viruses-caused infections catch most of attention on the media, the greatest risk to […]

The Mediterranean diet has proven to have health benefits to the population of the countries that consume it, such as Spain, Italy and Greece. For years researchers have observed lower incidences of certain diseases in the Mediterranean countries. Thus, the […]

It is possible that we know more about the cause of skin cancer than about any other type of cancer. The link between sun exposure (UV radiation) and the development of skin cancer is solidly established. And […]

If you have a bike, most surely you will own a helmet too. If you fall off the bike your helmet might avoid some nasty head injuries, right? That looks pretty obvious… except that it isn’t.

Lets start with a […]