MI weekly selection #216

Massive crack in Antarctic ice shelf grows

The giant crack in the Larsen C Ice Shelf in Antarctica is continuing to grow, threatening to soon break off a large iceberg. The crack has grown about 6.2 miles, or about 10 kilometers, since the beginning of the year.


3D-printed model helps researchers understand ancient portable sundial

An ancient portable sundial shaped like a ham has been re-created with a 3D printer, giving researchers a better idea of how the so-called pork clock, found near the ruins of Pompeii, told time.

National Geographic

Observing sun’s position helps ants navigate

Ants use the sun’s position in the sky to orient themselves, keeping them on course no matter which direction they’re facing. The findings could help improve the navigational abilities of robots.


Metagenomic data used to predict previously unknown protein structures

Researchers have been able to predict hundreds of previously unknown protein structures by using metagenomic data from across various species. “It’s pretty exciting because each protein family has at least 1,000 different proteins in it, so these models cover probably over a million proteins of currently unknown structure,” said study leader David Baker.

The Scientist

A polio vaccine that contains no live virus

Researchers are working on a polio vaccine that doesn’t require the use of a live polio virus. Virus-like particles, or VLPs, which contain no live virus, have been used in vaccines given to rodents, and researchers say they work as well as live-virus vaccines.

The Scientist

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